Amanda Hummingbird

Amanda Hummingbird

Amanda Hummingbird is The Shamanic Coach.

Amanda has weaved together her life experiences, gifts as a yoga and quantum meditation teacher, transformational life coach, healer and medicine woman to become the Shamanic Coach.

Amanda is on the path of the modern day shaman and medicine woman connecting to her deepest truth, power and magic with authentic courageous unconditional loving, living and being.

She is based in Norfolk with her 3 children.

She has transformed herself from living a life of trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency and victimhood to one of inner freedom, empowerment and unconditional love.

She works 1-1 and in groups to connect you to Inner Freedom. She guides you through powerful and explorative dialogue and inner energetic journeying to heal and transform the wounds of the past and learn the tools needed to unconditionally love and accept all the wounded past parts of yourself and invite them home to your heart.

She guides you to remember your wholeness, connect to authentic and deep purpose in your life and rise in your limitless potential.

She guides you to connect to that deeper part of you to retrieving the split parts of your soul and healing primal wounds to rewrite the stories of your life to one of unconditional love, acceptance and limitless potential.

When you heal the wounded roots of your past, you are able to come out of survival and thrive. When you connect to that deeper part of yourself, the way you experience the world transforms. When the way you experience the world transforms, your reality in every aspect transforms.

Your relationships with yourself and others , your home life, your professional life, your business, your finances…everything transforms from their roots.

Her magic is creating and holding powerful sacred safe spaces to light you up to experience and embody unconditional love, acceptance and connect to that unwavering inner guidance and power within you and create transformation from the inside out.

See what some of our Empowered Clients have to say!

I just experienced a trial bodywork session with the amazingly intuitive Amanda. I felt in the safest, most loving pair of hands I've ever experienced during a physical therapy session; the equisite balance of gentle caress and assertive confidence is a unique quality that Hummingbird oozes! Intuitively being drawn to my most problematic areas, in just half an hour I was feeling some release and spaciousness...just incredible! A true Western Shaman!
I attended one of Amanda Hummingbird Grady's empowerment workshops last month. After prolonged stressful period in my life. I was noticing negative affects on my body and it was taking me away from who I am mentally. Amanda, created a beautiful safe environment, where it was ok to be vulnerable... There was no judgment. This day gently pushed me past my resistant comfort zone, delving into my core, allowing me to question my self talk, bringing a new, heightened sense of awareness and clarity.Since Amandas workshop my life has changed, I see things differently. As I boldly step into a new world of reality with a more authentic self. Thank you Amanda
Amanda is incredibly intuitive. She is able to find areas in the body which need attention, and hold space lovingly and with the ease enough to let them shift and dissolve. She does this through different approaches, unique to your needs in the moment. She is attentive and sensitive to those needs, with loving intention and kindness always present. My bodywork session did not end when I left the session, it had released a blockage in my throat in which I had to work on for the next couple of days. But after seeing Amanda I felt empowered enough to do this alone. Thank you Amanda for holding space for me. Keep offering your unique gifts to the world.
I was blessed to connect with Amanda this recent solstice for a bodywork session. At such a powerful time of shift I am immensely grateful to have Amanda walk beside me for part of my journey. The session was incredibly powerful and Amanda's intuition is extremely accurate. She brought messages which have been flowing to me in this last cycle and she also gave me insight into how to work with what is coming up, what I should be integrating into my practice.

Sometimes we miss things in our own self-enquiry and to have someone there to show you something you have missed is invaluable. And not just 'someone' Amanda went straight to where I was stuck. I had missed it. I felt there was a tension, something blocked perhaps but I have never been able work with or through it. She went straight to it and even though I am only at the beginning of working through this particular 'issue' I can already feel that it is the catalyst for big change.Amanda is a warm and welcoming soul who puts you at ease immediately. She holds space in a way that makes you feel safe and trusting.Whatever it is you are working through, I would recommend Amanda to walk with you on your journey.
I have worked with numerous practitioners, across a range of massage therapies - including deep tissue, shiatsu, reiki, thai yoga. Amanda offers a unique approach. She told me her approach would be intuitive and responsive, and tailored to the needs of the client. I can certainly vouch for that. She provided a deep, strong, but relaxing and clearing massage to deal with a mix of a cough induced abdominal strain, and general congestion and stuckness. It struck the right balance in terms of release and relaxation, and covered parts of the body (the abdomen especially) that most practitioners seldom work with. I had a strong sense of her ability to tailor her approach and treatment according to the individual, and their specific (and often changing) requirements. I would recommend her highly to anyone! Thank you, and best wishes with Project Hummingbird.
Amanda has helped me greatly over the past few months. I love my guided meditation sessions with her and after being shown how, I now practice meditation and use some wonderful breathing techniques Amanda has shown me.  During our coaching sessions Amanda has been there to listen and guide me with compassion and empathy. I feel stronger and more confident as a result. I am very much looking forward to the group session of guided meditation and forest yoga I have scheduled with Amanda as I wanted to share with my friends!

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