Bodywork with Hummingbird is an energetic connection between two people working together to heal physical and emotional tension and blocks held in the body. She will work with you to not just alleviate pain in your body but to uncover the patterns that perpetuate it, in order to uproot the causes where they began.


She holds space for the receiver and meets them where they need to be met. She tracks the pain/tension/blocks and uses various techniques to create space and healing. The receiver may be guided to use their breath and sometimes communicate and allow emotions, thoughts to surface to help with the healing. She works in varied approaches depending on how you show up that day and depending on what your needs are. She takes her role as a facilitator of healing seriously. She loves working with people who are ready to dive in and create lasting change on all levels. She is also open to just doing a simple massage for relaxation and stress relief, which can be just as vital in today’s society as deep therapeutic bodywork.


Bodywork with Hummingbird is a beautiful intimate ceremonial connection between two energetic beings to help with healing and growth. Each person is unique  and each session different.

60 minutes for £60

90 minutes for £85

Block of three 60 minute sessions £170

Block of five 60 minute sessions £280

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