Forrest Yoga

Forrest yoga in a transformational modern system of yoga developed by Ana Forrest. It is a no frills system of yoga that is hugely beneficial for modern day bodies and modern day issues.


The four pillars of forrest Yoga are: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.


Specific intentional breath cues to allow for a deeper more efficient breath to help you to break old breathing habits, connect to spirit, and empower you to heal held physical and emotional tension in the body.


A strong system of yoga that helps you to build your physical strength. Through abdominals and core work and activating specific muscles in poses that will help you to build strength in an efficient and safe way.


With a specific intention for each class, you will Learn to breathe, move and hold poses with integrity. Learning to listen to your body and spirit. Meeting yourself where you need to be met. Giving yourself what you need. Breaking old holding, breathing and moving patterns.


Connecting to Spirit. Through deep breathing and intention you will begin to connect to the magic within and all around us. To become aware of the magical energetic being that you are. To become aware of the power of your breath and empower you to take what you learn and feel off the mat into your life.


Forrest Yoga was a catalyst for huge transformation in her life. She began to become aware of what she was holding onto in my body that no longer served her, acknowledging and surrendering to it and experiencing transformative release. Becoming aware of how and where she was breathing and not breathing, creating space and softness, building power and strength from within and empowering herself  to “be” with whatever presented itself in the moment. It is truly a ceremonial experience for yourself.


When I first met Hummingbird I was struck by her presence.

In a room full of yogis, she wasn’t all over the place, trying to ‘be’ anything other than herself.  It felt like she was radiating a strength that didn’t come from armouring. She was assisting in a workshop by Jambo Truong. Her presence has helped guide me towards an archetypal feminine that is powerful and strong in owning and living human vulnerability.  This way of being, I realised, takes courage and commitment, a willingness to take responsibility and to acknowledge the full spectrum of emotions.

I could see through her example that vulnerability is the essence of our being, it is the loving human condition and can be lived without falling into old stories that are constantly retold in shared culture.

I felt this powerful, gentle touch through being assisted in the yoga workshop, and then through a healing session of bodywork in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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