Medicine Songs and Shamanic Style Gratitude and Celebration Ceremonies

Hummingbird is available for writing bespoke ceremonial songs and putting together bespoke gratitude and celebration shamanic style ceremonies for unions of love, birth, death, namings, full and new moon any situation in which you would like to celebrate and give thanks. Bringing together an infusion of traditions and some of her own to create a ceremony full of hummingbird magic that you will remember forever.


Contact her to discuss creating and holding a bespoke ceremony for you.


Full and New Moon Fire Ceremonies with Hummingbird 


I will be holding these ceremonies for all that are interested in connection, community and ceremony in the beautiful space that is Hummingbird Cabin.


This first one will be in celebration of the last Super Moon of 2019 and the Spring Equinox, a double celebration!!


Come celebrate and connect in gratitude and community the energy and beauty of the moon.


Let us come together with open hearts and a willingness to connect to our inner beings under the watch of the moon.


Bring with you your intentions and greatest desires to declare to the universe and ask support and guidance to receive enhanced by the energies of the moon.


We will connect deeply from our hearts, spirit to spirit, heart to heart with a willingness to be vulnerable and share ourselves intimately.


We will create a sacred safe space together in ceremony and celebrate in prayer, drumming, singing and meditation.


We will put aside our inhibitions and fears and drum, sing and dance from our wild and open hearts.


We will open ourselves to be vulnerable and share from our hearts, holding sacred space for each other to speak our truths.


We will set intentions in the sacred fire and offerings of gratitude and abundance.


My intention is to create more connection and intimacy through holding these ceremonies.


The evening will look a little like this:
Creating Sacred Space
Drumming and Singing of medicine songs
Guided Meditation
Sharing Circle
Set intentions and offer gratitude into the fire
Drumming Journeying (if time)



Wednesday 20th March

Thursday April 4th

Friday April 19th

Saturday 5th May

Sunday 19th May

Sunday 2nd June

Sunday 16th June

Tuesday 2nd July


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