Transformational Coaching to fall in love with yourself

Hummingbird has several empowered healing coaching programmes for you that span across 6, 8 or 12 weeks.


This will include weekly coaching/mentoring sessions.


The programme will be for you become clear about a vision for yourself.


To become aware of the blocks, old stories, patterns and habits of behaviour in your reality that are no longer serving you and your vision.


To empower you with tools and awareness to shift your current reality and make the changes and choices needed to make way for your dreams and desires.


The intention is to empower you to fully embrace and surrender to the dilemmas and choices facing you and make changes necessary for transformation, falling in love with yourself and your life.


To become fully responsible for your own joy and happiness and accountable for it all.


This process will empower you to strengthen commitments to your vision.


From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results.


Blocks and resistance are uncovered and steps towards bringing about awareness  to catch them and move past them are put in place.


Visions and dreams are created and the infinite opportunities and possibilities of manifesting them into your reality are set in place.


Payment Plans Available – contact me to set up this option.

Option 1: 2 payments +10%

Option 2: 3 payments +15%

24 hour cancellation policy  – within 24 hours lose your coaching session unless emergency.


I received coaching from Hummingbird at a point in my life when I knew I wanted certain things, but couldn’t yet tap into my own resources. The support I received was so valuable. There’s only so much, I fell, can be gained through ‘self-help’ from a book. The opportunity to share, to reflect and to step into a place where I could voice my truth without a sense of judgement has been a potent experience I’ve been able to return to, as I continue to explore Life as it is, not, how it has been presented to me.

I deeply appreciate the fierce boundary-setting Hummingbird provided, I felt supported as I took emotional risks I’d never taken before- also learning where my life needed boundaries so I could continue the work.

I have grown to notice and not judge Fear as it appears in daily life.

I learned I could have fun as I explored shadow, that, there is joy to be had in equal measure to the emotions I felt too small to experience.

It’s funny, some of Hum’s  FB posts really triggered strong reactions, defence, resistance, cynicism- and it’s also the place to work with these feelings as indicators that there’s something to explore. I could know this through reading about it, but I may not have hung around with these less comfortable and culturally acceptable feelings without support, including being celebrated and encouraged to tap into my own power, to awaken a capacity to love.

Hummingbird leads by example, there’s no P.R. polish, no bullshit, the shine you experience comes from her.

~ Sarah

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