Rise Up Workshops

In these workshops we will be rising up together, raising our vibrations and connecting to the power and energy in our hearts.


Connecting to love, compassion and gratitude will enable you to be a magnetic force for abundance.


In order to begin to detach yourself from your emotional addictions, old stories, patterns and the past that are holding you back from creating the reality of your dreams, you must first change your energy from within.


If you are ready to let go of whatever in your past is still causing you suffering, you must first connect to the beauty of the present moment and focus your attention on your energy in the here and now, aligning and raising it to a state of bliss.


This state of bliss, gratitude and love is the place to create and dream. Embody the energy and emotions of your dream and become the magnet that attracts abundance and all you need to create your dream into reality.


In these workshops we will be connecting and embodying this state of bliss where we become one, we become one with everything and begin to let go of your past identity. From this place of bliss you can then focus your attention on your dreams and desires for the future…envision it, embody it, feel the emotions within it. Take yourself there energetically.


Your resistance, blocks, excuses… whatever is in your way from this dream becoming your reality become clearer, allowing you to acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged, shift your energy to where you need to be to stay aligned to your dream.

Workshops will include:

Shamanic style ceremony and intention setting

Drumming, singing and dancing of medicine songs


Forrest Yoga

Energy breath and movement

Basic bodywork

Connection exercises

Drumming dream journeying

Acknowledging, releasing and reclaiming power over past beliefs, habits and stories


I recently attended one of Amanda’s Connect Heal and Empower workshop. I hadn’t been to one before so didn’t know what to expect. When I arrived I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable while the whole day was explained to me. Everything was provided equipment wise and all I needed to take was a plate of food for the shared vegetarian lunch!

I experienced a wonderful drumming journey along with  some medicine songs which helped me connect to a feeling of bliss and myself. This allowed me to learn to begin to let go of things that  are no longer needed while letting me dream of what I would like
to achieve emotionally and physically as well as being abundant in all aspects of my life.

It was my first go at Forrest yoga intensive which I loved! I enjoy yoga but it was nice to try a slightly different version with a great teacher who guided me and remoulded me into positions I needed to be.

The pairing up for bodywork and holding each others’ space was truly mind blowing and enlightening to the point I came home and done it with my husband! I can’t recommend this enough. I found this experience very emotional and connecting in a fabulous way.

If you have the time and feel the need I would go to one of Amanda’s workshop as you will emerge a different person and feel ready to address anything you need in your life

If you are a studio owner and would like me to come and hold a workshop please contact me.

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